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Session Information

If you are looking to book a session, here is some information about how to prepare and how the session will go!

Equine Massage is not a substitute for veterinary care, and equine massage therapists can not diagnose or treat injury or illness.  If you believe your horse needs medical attention, please contact your vet immediately. 

Before booking

Before booking please consult with your veterinarian to ensure your horse is healthy enough for the massage. We cannot do the massage is your horse has any current/severe injuries. Please contact us with questions to determine if a massage is the best fit for helping your horse. 

After Booking

Once you have booked an appointment, please make sure you have everything needed for the session. There needs to be at least one person at the barn to greet the massage therapist and help through the session. You are not required to stay with the horse during the actual massage but may be needed if the horse does not cooperate. 

After the Appointment

Once the appointment is over, we will reach out to inform you of how the massage went, tips to improve horse care, and check on the horse afterwards. Feel free to reply with your thoughts on how the session went, any input or advice, changes you would like to see, or to schedule your next appointment!

During Booking

PLEASE NOTE: Filling out your request to book will not be an automatic booking, it will be confirmed and details discussed through email. When filling out the request, please include how many horses you would like to have included, reasons for massage, and any information needed to know beforehand. 

During the Appointment

If it is a horses' first session it will last over an hour to include time for a full physical evaluation and history background. Please have all horse information ready and available at the time of the appointment. The regular hour session will include the massage and stretching.

Other Information

PLEASE NOTE: The hour session starts when the massage therapist arrives and greets you. If your horse is not ready at the time of the massage, the hour will include catching the horse, taking blankets off, grooming, etc. Please have your horse ready and waiting beforehand. 

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